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Including Copyrighted Content in Moodle


Copyright lawdatabases licenses and technical considerations determine whathow much and how best to share copyrighted content with students in Moodle.

Most copyrighted content that instructors want to include in Moodle comes from one of the following sources: 

  • Licensed databases (e.g. articles, ebooks, streaming video)
  • Free websites (e.g. legislation, open access articles, blog posts)
  • Print resources (e.g. scanned portions of a print book)

All such content -- including freely available content on the internet -- is protected by copyright unless it has moved into the public domain (i.e. the creator has been dead for 50 years or more). Exceptions in the Copyright Act or explicit permissions in database licenses or website terms of use may enable instructors to copy and share portions of or entire copyrighted works in Moodle.

To learn more about copyright and how it impacts what content instructors can share with students in Moodle, consult the Copyright Basics tab on the left.

To learn more about the copyright, licensing and technical considerations specific to content from a particular source, consult the appropriate tab on the left.

Contact the Campus Copyright Officer with any questions related to including copyrighted works in Moodle or copyright in general.



Copyright law is complex. This guide provides an overview of copyright as it pertains to posting certain types of materials in Moodle. It is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.







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